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Day 11 A brush with death
2/11/2014 7:06:11 PM
I spent too much time on the Feline Farmacy website this morning which seemed to confirm my suspicion that I was in the throes of some virulent mutation of cat flu that threatens to destroy the entire domestic cat population of the world. After mewing pititiously I retired to my secret hideout to contemplate my imminent death. 

After a couple of hours of self reflection (cats don't have navels) and fevered sleep, I awoke. What relief, spared from death and the aroma of poaching fish wafting up from the kitchen.
For this great miracle of survival I rose from my sickbed and offered up a hairball in thanks. 

I feel invinsible but I must pretend to a little feebleness or the poached fish will be replaced with more awful catfood.

Day 11 Cat flu, Cat virus or Malingerer?
2/10/2014 9:43:14 PM

Feeling rough (pawly). 
owners have forgotten about my annual jab and although it isn't normally something I would welcome, it's absence is making me worried. I have just googled 'cat flu' and it is terrifying. 
Must find a drawer to hide in until the threat of viral cotangion has passed.

Day 10 Additional pet hates
2/6/2014 11:42:20 PM
Recent health scare merely hypochondria  following Tuesday's chimney episode. Premature ageing and emphysema down to inhalation of soot cloud rather than any  chronic underlying health conditions.  
Feeling slightly guilty that the daughter of the house took all the blame for the soot incident .

forgot to mention vacuum cleaners and vegetarian food on my hate list.

please excuse me while I eat, sleep, wash etc.

Day 9 These are the things I hate the most
2/5/2014 10:29:25 PM

Tyranny, injustice, cruelty, clowns, destruction of our environment and smelly armpits are pretty objectionable but these are the things Currently at the top of my hate list:
1. Rain
2. Soot
3. The sound of the cutlery being unloaded out of the dishwasher

the Katie Perry song that sounds like curlery being unloaded out of the dishwasher.

Day 8
2/4/2014 8:44:11 PM

Suffering from soot inhalation and 'bad kitty' remorse following rather ill advised chimney exploration episode.

Day 7
2/3/2014 9:29:31 PM


Day 6
1/30/2014 12:11:31 PM

very positive feedback from Winston and Beefy about the Blog and Issue 1 of my Free Footballing Dog magazine. I'm in favour of their suggestion to change the name to 'Ruff' ( or Rough). Much easier for communication with owners and newsagents.
Their main criticism was a lack of doggy odours but I really don't share their enthusiasm on this. In fact I find the whole bottom sniffing thing really rather revolting . I was able to politely decline Beefy's offer to make a few Scratch & Sniff cards for the next issue on the grounds that on-line readrs would feel short changed.

Day 5 Cat's Blog (Free Footballing Dog Blog Day 2)
1/29/2014 11:45:33 PM
Finding time to Blog after a day's sleeping, eating, washing and Free Footballing Dog Blog editorial is difficult. The trial edition of my new (free) Footballing Dog Blog  magazine is almost ready for publication. 
Winston and Beefy, the bulldogs at Number 12, have agreed to preview and feedback.

Day 4 Free Footballing Dog Blog
1/28/2014 10:41:49 PM
I have to admit that my feline pride has been hurt by the absence of traffic on my Cat's Blog. I am unsure if my sole follower is me or my ghost blogger. I had thought that a literate, computer savvy cat was an extraordinary thing but I had clearly underestimated the on-line competition from skydiving hamsters, exploding dog, singing foxes etc.

So what's a cat to do? My research indicates that 'Football' 'Dogs' and 'Free' are internet gold as far as search terms go. I may therefore be changing my Blog name to the 'Free Footballing Dog Blog' 

Day 3 The Immutability of Rain
1/27/2014 10:30:08 PM
Slept, ate, noticed the rain.
Studied the rain. 
Watched the rain intently.
Contemplated the rain some more.
Accepted the immutability of rain.

Dried paws on table cloth.
Day 2 More Revelations
1/24/2014 10:34:59 PM

Sleep, eat, toilet break
Sleep, eat, toilet break
Day 1 Cat's Blog
1/23/2014 10:21:43 AM
Sleep, eat, toilet break.
Sleep, eat, toilet break
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